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During 2012-13 the Ubuntu Network worked with member institutions to package some examples of good practice from initiatives aimed at integrating Development Education into the post-primary curriculum. These examples of good practice have been packaged in multimedia format in order to make them available on the Ubuntu Network website and thus to make them accessible to all stakeholders, including teacher educators, teachers, and student teachers. Their purpose is to demonstrate the Development Education work that individual member institutions are engaging in and to help make good practice approaches transferable between member institutions.

The following pilot IPPs are currently available:

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IPP1: Exploring development themes through the use of talk in the classroom
(dialogic teaching) – relevant to English, CSPE, Modern Languages

This IPP presents some theory of dialogic teaching and demonstrates how this approach was used in practice to integrate development themes in the teaching of English Pedagogy with a group of 3rd Year undergraduate students in the Dept of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Limerick. This approach to using talk in the classroom provides particular opportunities for Development Education as it supports students in exploring the perspectives of others in the world.

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IPP2: Using Photographs in the Development Education Classroom

This IPP presents a pedagogical approach for using photographs as a gateway to exploring aspects of Development Education, particularly in exploring students' deeper understanding of other cultures as well as concepts such as justice/injustice, equality/inequality, sustainability, and development/underdevelopment.

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IPP3: Storytelling as a Pedagogical Approach for Development Education

This IPP presents a model for using storytelling as a pedagogical approach involving collaborative reflective dialogue to address development themes in the classroom. This approach takes the view that stories are a socially engaging part of life and have opportunities inherent in them for engaging minds and prompting reflective thinking.

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IPP 4: Using Documentary and Guest Speakers as mechanisms to explore development issues.

This IPP demonstrates how the RTE documentary, Peter McVerry: A View from the Basement was used to explore the issue of homelessness with student teachers. It uses a dialogic approach, supporting the students to speak about aspects of the documentary that impacted them most and crucially how these are relevant to them as emerging teachers. It provides an insight into students’ reflections through the questions they posed to guest speaker, Fr. Peter McVerry.

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IPP5: Embedding Development Education into the Teaching of Art Craft and Design


[This IPP will be available soon. Watch this space.]